Pass day 2.

Well, pass number 2 is in the books.  What can I say?

Another success.

Since David has school and therapy during the day, I spent the day shopping for clothes for him.  What 13 year old boy doesn’t need new pants on a regular basis.  Although at 4’11” and 79 pounds, it will be a long time before he is in anything with a husky label.

We watched a football game and a couple of basketball games on television.  Talked at length about what it will take for him to come home.  He seems accepting of the reality that it will be a while yet.  A good five hour pass doesn’t equal a return home.

There will need to be a step-down facility between here and home. Some place that is a little more liberal in structure, where we can achieve home visits.  Sadly such a facility is lacking in North Dakota.

Tomorrow is the last time I will see David this year.  Then head to home.  Going to miss him.




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