travels with Carl

It’s me again Margaret.  hehe…   Reminds me of this old Ray Stevens classic.


So anyway.  traveling today, out to see David.

We live on the edge of the Bakken oil field.  In order to get to where David is, you have to drive through a portion of the field.  It is mostly Interstate travel.

Today as I was motoring along in my van, it struck me that the road for about 100 miles in Western North Dakota is all one large bump.  Or rather, as series of mini-bumps trying to pretend to be one large bump.

Traveling this stretch of highway is how I imagine riding in a small ocean going vessel would be.  Just as you crest one wave, there is another right behind it.

Travels have been fairly uneventful thus far, although we did get an alert from our bank that there was suspicious activity on my credit card.  Not sure if someone got lucky with a number generator or what, but someone was trying to spend my money even faster than I was.  Lucky my bank had the eagle eye out and caught it.

Any way.  If you happen to be in the vicinity of Miles City Montana, I recommend two places.  The first is a restaurant called the Black Iron Grill.  I ordered a Flank Steak —mmm good.  just the right blend of sweet and sassy.  Not over-cooked, paired with a Black Widow Oatmeal Stout.  Loaded Baked Potato.  Definitely have to stop there again.  Contrary to other online reviews, I didn’t think the prices were over the top.  Sure they could be cheaper, but you get what you pay for.

Plus the service is outstanding.

The other place I wanted to mention is my hotel.  Well it isn’t mine, but … you know what I mean.  I stayed at the GuestHouse Inn and Suites.  Reasonably priced, no issues with check-in, main floor room as requested since I use crutches and find stairs less then pleasant.  Anyway.  I got checked in, then ran a few errands, got fuel, picked up some snacks, and had dinner.  When I finally got to my room, I decided to browse the channel selection.  Low and behold got the blue screen “No Signal” message.

So I hobbled down the hall to the front desk.  The on-duty manager came to my room and looked at the television, we spent a few minutes efforting the issue, and it was decided that I would be moved to a different room.

I didn’t ask.  She offered.

Customer Service is a wonderful thing.

Tomorrow is another day of travel.  My hip isn’t really happy with me, but I can hack it.  It will be worth it to see David.

Until tomorrow my friend.  Hug your loved ones.  You never know when a tragedy will hit.  As can be seen in Logan Fleeman’s Story.

Pop over to his site and read his story.  Somewhere there is a witness to his accident.  The person who ran him down needs to turn themselves in.  Their car is the one with all of the damage.



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