Encouragement from me to you

Living a life filled with fear does things to the body.  I have a number of chronic health issues, and the stress from this is exacerbating those health issues.

Please, if you are reading this then you have either an interest in the topic, or are experiencing it yourself. honesty doesnt make us bad parents

Remember these key things.

  1. It’s not your fault.
  2. The way that you feel, about yourself and your child is perfectly normal.
  3. Seek help.  Talk to a therapist, a doctor, your priest or rabbi, heck, talk to Harvey the Rabbit if it helps.  But talk to someone, don’t keep stuffing this.  It won’t help anyone long term.
  4. Know and understand that you are not alone.  There are a number of support groups both via facebook and on the Internet.  If you can’t find one on your own send us a comment and we will see if we can help you find something.
  5. Don’t give up.  Regardless of what happens today, the sun will still rise tomorrow.  Embrace that.

I pray every day.  Many times a day.  I also employ a number of support groups for the different things that I deal with.  In addition, I have this website that I use to journal my thoughts.  My reactions and as a way to keep a record for David.  Someday he can look back at this and know that we loved him enough to do everything that we could to help him.  Yes, he knows about this site.

And remember.  Life isn’t perfect. Don’t be so hard on yourself.



One Response to Encouragement from me to you

  1. Something I bet you tell others but need to remind yourself!  We are all hard on ourselves.  YOU are doing a great job.  Hang in there.