Medicaid frustrations again.

Why is it that Medicaid knows what is best for a child?  More so than the doctors, psychiatrists and therapists that are treating said child?

I am tired of Medicaid telling me what is best for my son.

BCBS is his primary insurance, Medicaid is secondary.  Medicaid refuses to pay for 2 doses a day of a particular medication.

So now, not only is it deemed best for him to be at home, we don’t have access to the medications needed to ensure that he is stable.

We have enough of the medication to file an appeal, but what do those people do who don’t know how to appeal, or that they even can?

Thankfully we have a pharmacy that understands finances are limited.

Dear readers, please know that if you, your doctor, or pharmacist disagree with a medicaid decision, you can appeal the decision.



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