miscommunication sucks

When I last talked to David’s therapist, she asked if I thought it would be a good idea to limit phone calls from David to our home.  At the time, I was still processing what is happening to our family, so I said yes, that is a good idea.

Evidently word came down to everyone that David and staff were not to have any contact with home.

Friday nights, I have been getting a call from David’s primary.  That didn’t happen tonight, so I called there.  After having the situation explained to me, all that I can say is I am disappointed.  Disappointed that when we need it most, we are limited in our support from this facility.  David is still in their care.

So after explaining what was said between the therapist and myself, the primary indicated that she would call me tomorrow.

It is bad enough that they are discharging him without a transition plan.  Don’t abandon me 60 hours before discharge.  I need communication from your facility.

oh, and David is already limited to one outgoing phone call per day to our home.  Unless we call and ask his to call us back.

So I have reservations about this event in his life.  I pray that David proves me wrong.

I need someone in a position of authority to understand, just what they are doing to our son.

He is all kinds of anxious right now.  He knows he is coming home.  They gave him no explanation as to why he couldn’t call home except to say that Dad was getting ready to come and get him and needed his space.



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