Monthly Archives: January 2015

God, Grant Me Strength

So, evidently, a majority of David’s team at the Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) thinks that he is ready to come home. Never mind the self-harming and manic episodes from last month.  Never mind the negative behaviours or need for him to have a highly structured environment. So while his Mother and I don’t think… Continue Reading

Happy One Year Placement Anniversary David

Ironically, the day after we receive notice of denial of coverage of services for our son, is the anniversary of his placement at the current facility.  It has been one year since we placed David in a facility 500 miles from home. Today, I am struggling with the stress of not knowing where we are… Continue Reading

a new year, more medicaid frustration

So what else is new?  right? Received this notice from the facility where our son resides. I am sure you will be receiving a hard copy in the mail, but I wanted to notify you that as of 1/10/2015, David’s  Medicaid has denied coverage for residential care and we were notified of this yesterday. (See… Continue Reading

You can “Get Your Joy Back”

My friends.  As many of my readers know, over the past 4 years, we have struggled with getting our son the services that he needs. Initially this began as a struggle with our local education authority.  Gradually, it transitioned to psychiatric residential treatment facilities. Constantly being aware of the needs of our children, being ever… Continue Reading

Generalizations, how they don’t help

We have this saying in the Autism community.  “If you have seen a child with Autism, you have seen A child with Autism.” You have seen one child.  Why one? Because no two kids are exactly alike, including twins. So why would it be any different for an adopted child? David is adopted.  David has,… Continue Reading

cyber bullying

So today, one of the kids told me about this profile on Twitter referencing the athletic district that we live in. Now I could see such a profile existing if it was just referencing the various athletic events in our area.  Sadly this profile is so much more. Trashing people in 140 characters or less… Continue Reading