So Far, So Good, Now …

It is too early to tell if all of my worry from the last two weeks was for not.

However, so far so good.  It is an adjustment for sure, but no less an adjustment for him as the rest of the family.

I am used to having the house to myself all day long, and now I have this teenager running around.

Today we had a second IEP meeting about him.  On Monday he will start half days in a day program in a nearby city.  School will transport him to the facility, I will pick him up.

This is two fold, one, they can provide the class size and supports that he needs.  In the afternoon, I can work with therapists for various appointments.  We won’t be able to recreate every aspect of residential care, but we ought to be able to create some of it.

One thing I have to remind myself, is that he is a 13 year old boy.



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