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Oren Miller

This post will be a remembrance for my dear friend Oren Miller.

for now, I will put this here.  Oren’s funeral will be on Monday in Baltimore.  As I take time to process the loss of this dear friend, I will write more.

Rest easy my friend.  You taught us courage and humility through your life.

Here is a link to Oren’s blog where he first discusses his cancer diagnosis.


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nights like this

I have to wonder… “Is this behavior that of a 13 year old boy, or his mental health?” See our other two boys didn’t give us all the sass, back talk, attitude and behaviors.  Or maybe I just don’t remember the behaviors because we were so busy dealing with David’s issues. Not sure if that… Continue Reading

Let me tell you the real story….

David has been home a month.  For the most part things have gone well. Recently there has been an increase in the number of lies.  Lies about petty things that don’t need to be lied about. When confronted about lies, he says “you never believe me…” This gradually changes to “Let me tell you the… Continue Reading

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Families

Last week, someone asked me if I was David’s grandfather.  This in itself isn’t a bad thing.  In the past when people have questioned David’s parentage, I have simply said that he is adopted.  Which is true. What is wrong with the idea that a white person would have an African-American son? Or even the… Continue Reading

Is this the start?

Caught David stealing food. He knows that all he has to do is tell us he is hungry. We just don’t want him hoarding food in his bedroom. Then he lies and blames it on others, including the cats. We know that with his metabolism, he burns enough food for two or three other people. … Continue Reading

I don’t understand

Something struck me this morning.  My son was in a psychiatric facility for more than a year. He was discharged when Medicaid decided to stop funding his care. No transition plan was in place the day my son was released to our care. We have made the best of the last two weeks and I… Continue Reading

progress of sorts

David has been home for most of 10 days. Has it been perfect? No. Do I expect perfection? No. I am proud of the changes that I am seeing in him. Does he still have mental health issues? Yes.  He is not cured.  Not by any means. For now, I will take it. We are… Continue Reading