I don’t understand

Something struck me this morning.  dscf1219-300x224

My son was in a psychiatric facility for more than a year.

He was discharged when Medicaid decided to stop funding his care.

No transition plan was in place the day my son was released to our care.

We have made the best of the last two weeks and I think we have done fairly well.  David has done fairly well.

Not one call from any of the staff at the facility to see how we are faring.  To see how David is faring.

We have gotten packets of files and documents but no after care or follow up.

I feel like David was abandoned by parts of the system that are supposed to help.  I don’t depend on the Government. I depend on people.

We will continue to do everything we can do.  We will continue to love our son.  We will continue to fight for the care that he needs.

2 Responses to I don’t understand

  1. That can feel like such a betrayal. I’m sorry you’re going through that. Those places aren’t typically good at follow up care. Praying you’d know God’s attentiveness and support in a deep way.

  2. They probably figure ‘no news is good news?’  or they wrote him off?  Or they care and are curious but too busy to sit down for a 5 min email or phone call?  Should I keep making excuses for the ‘professionals?’  It won’t be their fault other if shit hits the fan, right?