he doesn’t care

I spent more than an hour of travel time today talking with David about his behaviors.  About the path that his behaviors are leading him down. And while it felt like he was listening and actually hearing what I was saying to him.  I realize now that he may have been listening, but he doesn’t care.

He does what he wants, if I call him on his actions, he walks away and says Okaaaayyy..

With an air of “I don’t care”.

And honestly, he doesn’t.  breaks my heart.  we are trying so hard to welcome him home, to work within the limits of his disability. It isn’t his fault that he doesn’t care.

He cries if I tell him that because his behaviors are so difficult, and unmanageable that I am taking him to safe bed.  This is the only time he shows sadness.  that he shows any emotion other than indifference or anger.

I thought that things were better, in my heart, I hope that they are.  Reality is so much different from hopes and dreams.