he got caught stealing vehicle keys

Got caught in a lie.  He took keys to one of our vehicles to school with him.

Was notified by the school that he had them.

I asked him for them, and he claimed that he didn’t have them.  So I told him he needed to give them to me.

He then went to the pickup, opened the door, made a show of looking for the keys and then saying “here they are, I never took them to school, they have been here all this time.”

Then he said that so and so from the school was lying.

I refused to get into an argument with him.  So I took away bicycle privileges and told him he could go outside to shoot hoops…

He didn’t like that the idea that one minute I was taking privileges and then I was giving them back.  Called me all kinds of names.

I simply said, “ok, sit down.”  He sat.  Got obstinate about it.  Said we might as well take all of his privileges forever.

I simply said absolutely nothing.

He calmed down, so I sent him outside to shoot hoops.

I may be a lot of things, but I am not a sadist.  With his severe ADHD he would drive us both mad inside of a half hour with nothing to do…

All in all, I got the keys back, getting an admission of guilt won’t happen without a fight, and quite frankly the truck he had keys for is a dead vehicle anyway.  Still, if they had been to one of the other vehicles….

For the record, David has a history of stealing keys, so we will have to ensure that we are diligent with key control so that they don’t start disappearing.

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