here come more behaviors

Remember when David was at his second placement? And we couldn’t keep him in his seat at school?

He is doing that again.

Seeing an increase in behaviors.  Disrespect, oppositional, manic.  He is running from teachers, throwing things around the re-focus room and generally being as disruptive as he can.

Yes he is getting his meds.  We see psych in a little more than two weeks.

Today they used the following interventions.

  1. Treadmill (2 miles)
  2. Yoga Ball
  3. Pedal device under desk
  4. Weighted blanket.

One of the coordinators came out to the van to talk to me about his day.

The last couple of days he has had an increase in energy, behaviors and what not.

He claims it is because he is afraid we are going to send him away.  I told him that the quickest way to ensure he gets placed in a facility again is to continue along these lines with inappropriate behaviors.

I told him that he determines his fate.  And that no one could change him, except him.  All we can do is provide the tools to do the job.


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