Not every day is bad…

Today.  For example.

Was pretty darn good.  David met goals at school.  Then when the weather wasn’t cooperating didn’t argue when we told him he had to stay inside.

When the weather cleared, he played basketball by himself for a good hour, until it was time to come in.  When he had to come in for supper, he did so without argument.

At bedtime, he took his medication, a shower and went to bed with no complaint.

I may get frustrated with him, but I am also incredibly proud of him.

So today I gave him a hug.  Like always.  I kissed his forehead as I tucked him in.

When I checked on him just now, I whispered in his ear.

You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.  ~ Mark 1:11.

I may cry.  I may feel anger, disappointment, and everything else that comes with raising David.  But the good days…



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