Reactive Attachment Disorder – a diagnosis

Turns out, all this time I thought that David was diagnosed with RAD.  Nope.

Well he is now.  Frustrating when people remove and add diagnoses without letting the family know.

He has Autism, Borderline Personality Disorder, Bipolar, AdHd,  and quite a few others.  Reactive Attachment Disorder *RAD” is now one of his Axis I diagnoses.

Received a referral to a child therapist.

Received a referral to a Social Skills Play Group.

The psychiatrist said “boy, he does talk a lot… when did that start?”
My response was “he has been like this since the day he came home.

Follow up every 30 days for the next while.

One other thing of importance.  He is in the lower 18 percentile, for his weight.  this means that for his age and height, 82% of the population is more inline with the standard then he is.

oh and he is at risk of becoming a cutter.



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