Thoughts – control – arguments and what not

I have been torn.  Since David has come home, we have had quite a few good days.  The bad days, holy.  It is trying on the whole family when they happen. So I am going to take a page from another parent of a child a lot like David.

No confrontations.  If he is spoiling for an argument, or a fight, we will just stop everything involving him.  No giving in.  By pursuing the fight, we are giving him what he wants.  That is attention.

Instead, we will continue what we have been doing.  Praise ALL of the positive behaviors and actions.

It won’t be easy.

We have tried the direct confrontation.  We have tried discipline, taking away privileges and that type of thing.

He may lose one privilege, but he won’t lose them all.  He needs to be able to burn off that energy.  Not letting him do so is a recipe for disaster.

The Nintendo DS is a means of coping.  As it gives him a focal point.

Please comment if you have any other tried and true methods.





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