want to know something scary?

Today we had a bit of a go.  He didn’t want to listen.  I would tell him to do something and he would laugh and grin.

I would get him into his shoes, and he would take off his coat.  He would put on his coat, and then take off his shoes.

I got hold of his hand, and thinking he was going to kick at me, I ended up kicking him.

Later after we both calmed down, we left to run the grocery errand.  I asked him.  “Do you like how you feel when you upset or hurt someone?”

“Yes, sometimes I do.”  was his reply.

He said “it feels like when I got the DS.  (his gameboy)  or when I found out I was coming home.”

In the grand scheme of things, today didn’t have to happen.  I should have walked away.  I can’t leave him home alone with the boys, just don’t trust him.

plus, he has started stealing technology again.  He gives it right back when confronted, but… still.