what do you do when…

your child is manic and goes running down the street into traffic yelling, just kill me?

We had the start of an episode tonight.  I ignored it.  I walked away.  I turned the other cheek.

Every time I refused to acknowledge the behavior, the behavior escalated.

David started spraying something that we later learned was “just water” at his brothers, the pets… and but we didn’t know that for sure.

He has cut himself in the past.  He has sprayed the animals with bug spray.

So I called the Sheriff.

Thankfully, he was able to help deescalate the situation.  Things are better now.

To say that I was, and still am very concerned about his safety is an understatement.  But, we are safe now.
I did discover one of his noon meds (for mood control and stability) laying on the floor of the van.  Which tells me that he missed a dose.



One Response to what do you do when…

  1. I have no idea how you have the strenght to cope (but what else are you going to do?). My thoughts and prayers are with you whenever I see your name. Good luck 🙂