a brand new day

Today is a brand new day for David.

This morning, he was complaining of being stiff and sore.  So I talked about the work that his muscles did to support his body yesterday while he was manic.   He said he doesn’t like it.

In talking with David today, I learned that he was upset that he was going to be in trouble for riding in a vehicle, being in a place he wasn’t supposed to be and for borrowing garden tools.    He rode in a friends truck, he was outside the boundary established for him to be in, so that we know where to look for him, and he took a cultivator and garden rake without permission.

For the record, until this morning, I knew about the boundary issue, but not where he ended up telling me about.  I knew the garden tools were a possibility.

So much behavior for so little action.

So we talked about how he needs to change his response to questions or discipline.  Especially, when you don’t know if the questions are about something you may or may not have done.  Instead, he started with negative behavior and things escalated from there.

Honestly, I would like Medicaid to come stay at my house for a day or two.



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