Celebrate the good. Sometimes, he is what I imagine a 13 year old boy is like

/approveToday was by all accounts, a good day.

David had a reasonably good day at school.  No refocuses.  No notes about talking back or being disruptive (more than usual) in class.

So I count today as a success.

I told him so.

He says all he ever hears is what he isn’t supposed to do.  So I kept track.  And he is right.  So I am trying to change my thinking to what he can do.  It won’t be an easy transition, but will try.

It is refreshing to say yes, within these limits, rather than saying no. no.  no.

He still has limits, and he knows that we will enforce the limits, but I think it allows him to experience a small measure of freedom.

Or at least the illusion of it.


I gave him prescribed boundaries where he could ride his bike.  Hour later, and no David.  Went looking for him.  He wasn’t where he was supposed to be.  And of course, he denied it.  He got home, dropped his bike in the yard, his helmet, and promptly disappeared.  He turned up about 15 minutes later, said he just went to look at something.

tomorrow is a new day.  Will try again.

What is apathy?

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