Monthly Archives: April 2015

Held Hostage by Mental Illness

Some days, I feel like a hostage in my own home. Held hostage by mental illness.  Seriously.  David had a couple of really good days.  Mom took him into the city, he spent time with his favorite Aunt.  Life was good for him. Then there are days like today.  If it isn’t his way, then… Continue Reading

the enemy within

David is his own worst enemy. With the increase in behaviors, our psych team has discussed changing one of his medicines.  We aren’t doing a wholesale med wash like we used to do.  Rather we are increasing one of the stabilizers.   Hopefully we will see a change. When we met with the psych team, I… Continue Reading

the degradation of a boy’s mental health

I post frequently about the things that David does, and the things that we deal with.  You really need to know, I don’t post everything. It is sad to watch the gradual decline of a person’s mental health.  His mental stability.  For so long, everything was fairly smooth.  It’s just in the last couple of… Continue Reading

I am confused…

Today, David and I had been having a great day.  Laughing. The phone rang, since I had my hands in dishwater I asked him to answer it.  He put it on speakerphone. I asked him to hold it close, instead he accused me of not wanting him around. How does, hold the phone equal “you… Continue Reading

So I had another thought today….

I know, dangerous right? Both times that David had manic type behaviors he had done something that he knew could result in him losing priviliges. How can I ever confront him about something, if I know there is a risk he is going to go off like that? Yesterday, I caught him in an area… Continue Reading

a brand new day

Today is a brand new day for David. This morning, he was complaining of being stiff and sore.  So I talked about the work that his muscles did to support his body yesterday while he was manic.   He said he doesn’t like it. In talking with David today, I learned that he was upset that… Continue Reading