So I had another thought today….

I know, dangerous right?

Both times that David had manic type behaviors he had done something that he knew could result in him losing priviliges.

How can I ever confront him about something, if I know there is a risk he is going to go off like that?

Yesterday, I caught him in an area of town he wasn’t supposed to be in.

He finally admitted to breaking a mirror on the van and a window on the house.

I am fairly certain he stole some cash, but a quick search of his pockets turns up nothing.  And he started with the behaviors.  So I quickly dropped it and said I must have just lost the money.    I shouldn’t have to worry about my kid hurting himself or someone else just because he can’t follow the rules, and then gets upset when he is caught.

On the other hand, it is a pretty good tell, if he does this when he has done something wrong, then it is a matter of learning what he has done.  In time, he will tell.  Too bad he puts himself and everyone around him through something like I imagine hell would be in the process.

So I would say that his behaviors aren’t necessarily a facet of the attachment disorder, rather they are a facet of the Autism.  Of course, he could just be unruly.



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