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Wrap Around Services Explained

Wrap around services means we work with social services and the different agencies in our region. since we are between two major cities in our state, we go one direction for some services, and the other direction for the rest. It gets very confusing trying to get all of the different agencies to communicate with each other.
I’ll build a glossary of terms, in the coming weeks.
As a parent of a kid with mental illness, I sometimes take for granted that everyone knows what I am talking about. I imagine that it is like listening to a race car driver talk about turns, wedges and drifts, he may know what he is talking about, and his team knows what he means but no one else does.  That is an assumption on my part that I will work to correct.
The reason that wrap around services is not the correct answer in our son’s case is because it isn’t working. each of the therapists, psychiatrists and social workers except for the ones at this facility, all agree that he sees no benefit from these services. The rest of the family does, as we are all dealing with PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress – at some level. As a result of the aggressive and sometimes violent nature of his mental illness.

Embrace the abilities he does have

David came into our lives before we even considered adoption.  In fact, we originally were going to do foster care for kids like David.  This was long before we knew about the mental health issues that he has been diagnosed with.  He was special needs because of the way he was born, addicted to drugs. … Continue Reading

Residential Treatment Center – Application for Bed

We applied a few weeks ago to all instate Residential Treatment Centers (Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities – PRTF) RTC’s. We have received denials from 2 of the 3 in our state. The first one directs us to search out a facility that treats the Reactive Attachment Disorder that David has. It recommends either a facility… Continue Reading

When is it considered Grand Theft Auto?

What constitutes a vehicle? Does it have to have 4 wheels? Does it need to be highway speed capable? How about a Dixon Zero Turn Riding Mower?  Does that count as a vehicle? My son, “borrowed” the neighbor’s zero turn Dixon mower today.  Claims that someone in that house gave him permission to drive it,… Continue Reading

Does it pay to complain?

In a word, some times, yes it does pay to complain. Just got off the phone with the hospital, David’s medicine just received authorization from the insurance company. This is so awesome.  I can’t begin to tell you. Now we can stabilize his moods again. Eventually, the roller coaster rise will change.  For now, I… Continue Reading

Insurance preauthorization update part 2

So, the insurance company contacted me because I posted a message on their facebook wall. Amazing how social media messages get a faster response than a phone call. The request made for the medicine on Tuesday was marked non-urgent. A second request was made today and it was marked urgent.  This request came in half… Continue Reading

Insurance Preauthorization Still Not In

We are finishing week 1 of the wait for pre-authorization for David’s meds. How frustrating it is that we can be held by hostage by an insurance company and/or medicaid decision. Of course, the doctor is never around when I need to talk to her. Time to annoy some people to no end so that… Continue Reading

Can I say that I am a little bit angry?

We picked up David today from the mental health unit. We were given two new prescriptions for him. We traveled home.  I dropped the scripts off at the local pharmacy. I asked to be notified if the insurance company gives them any trouble filling the prescription. An hour later the pharmacy called.  Insurance needs preauthorization. … Continue Reading

The Story of Doubting Dad

Dear Why Not Fathers, I know this dad.  He has a son who suffers from mental illness.  Really, the whole family suffers with the mental illness of the child.  No one person in the family is immune to the tragedy that is mental illness. He and his family are literally doing everything that they can… Continue Reading

Did you really just ask me that???

Interesting conversation with the social worker where David is in care. The solution that the social worker at the hospital gave me was to call the cops if he becomes aggressive. I explained that the community depends on the Sheriff department for our police department and that they might have to come from their main… Continue Reading