calls from staff in mental health unit

God-Grant-Me-the-Serenity-Black-Vinyl-Wall-Art-Quote-L12708112Just got off the phone with a social worker from the unit.

She explained that they will work with us as much as they can to get him into a residential treatment center (rtc).

Limitation on his stay where he is at while we get this sorted is Medicaid.

Medicaid could decide at any time that he has stayed there long enough.

Sucks when bureaucracy can make life decisions on your behalf.

Some one watching their computer screen could see his case pop up on their screen, and decide that it has been 48, 72 or 96 hours and that he needs to come home.  Because there “is no therapeutic need for him to be there”.

Never mind that he is there while we work placement arrangements.

So I said, “if they decide that, we will pull him out, put ourselves up in a hotel and then check him back in the next day.”

I also discussed his secondary insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield, but they aren’t much better about letting people stay.

Maddening isn’t it?

I wonder how many parents just give up, keep their kid home and wait for the legal system to kick in?

Which is an option, though I don’t think the penal system is the best place to get mental health care.

We ended the conversation with one question.  “Where would you like David to be?”

I said, “ultimately, home, however it has to be what is best for David.  It has to be safe for him and everyone else in the family.  But, I would love it if he could come home and we could care for him there.”

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