Friday discharge

honesty doesnt make us bad parentsI noticed some tenderness Monday and Tuesday on my right side rib cage.  So today I went to the clinic.

I have bruised muscles/ribs on that side.  Happened Sunday evening during the fracas with David.

Lovely.  Plus, my blood pressure is elevated.  (I have experienced heart events in the past).

On the other side of the coin.  Talked with the social worker from the hospital.

David is scheduled to be released on Friday and I am supposed to let her know what time I will be picking him up.

I asked “what about the safety of my family?”

“You should lock up your knives.” she stated matter-of-factly.

She also stated that “you should contact the cops if you feel that you can’t handle him.”


What do I do with that?

Have a call into our care team.  Mom and I are expanding our alternating coverage of him while he is home.  Frequent breaks.

I do have a call into the hospital to see if there is an appeal process that I am not aware of.

I suppose I could charge him with assault, but the justice system is not the place for mental health treatment to occur.



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