It’s your fault dad, you shouldn’t have bought me….

Turkey, Brie & Bacon Sandwich @ Crave Kitchen & Bar“It’s your fault dad, you shouldn’t have bought me a sandwich for lunch.  You should have asked me first, before you bought the sandwich.”

Never mind that he was excited about it when I gave it to him.  Never mind that he took all of the lettuce, the tomato and onion.

I had to run errands, or he could have just eaten at home.

How did I discover that he didn’t eat the sandwich?  He was supposed to eat it while I was in Menard’s.  When we got home, he went to get out, and he was sitting on the sandwich.

If he didn’t want it, he could have easily wrapped it back up in the plastic and put it in the bag.  Could have saved it for one of his brothers.  Instead, since he was sitting on it… it got thrown away.

The sandwich isn’t a big deal.  The lack of ownership when he does things he knows aren’t right, is.

And it is always the fault of another person.

The easy solution, is no more treats.  Dad shouldn’t be nice and buy treats.



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