Monthly Archives: May 2015

Friday discharge

I noticed some tenderness Monday and Tuesday on my right side rib cage.  So today I went to the clinic. I have bruised muscles/ribs on that side.  Happened Sunday evening during the fracas with David. Lovely.  Plus, my blood pressure is elevated.  (I have experienced heart events in the past). On the other side of… Continue Reading

Five days in May

So, insurance has said we have five days.  That means on Friday he could be discharged. How frustrated am I? The safety of my family is of utmost importance.  That includes David. The social worker told me that this is what happens in acute care cases. I’d like them to define acute care. Tweet #fighting4answrs Continue Reading

A new fear – Talking with dead friends

Last night was scary.  Not sure what happened exactly, but David is back in the hospital. At 8pm, with his bedtime medicines he gets a snack.  He wanted oatmeal, instead I gave him a granola bar. He said that he would hurt me if I didn’t give him the right snack.  He made a move… Continue Reading

I am bored and this is fun.

Today, I had the rare opportunity to have a frank talk with David.  We talked about everything from sunshine to cats.  We talked about his favorite movie, Heaven is for Real. We talked about dogs, rain, basketball (though I am by no means knowledgeable) and we talked behaviors. We talked about how he likes being… Continue Reading

The magic number – 1259 miles

What is the magic number?  1259 miles.  Virgin, UT. That is the distance from our community to the facility that a social worker at the hospital said we should consider for David. Oh, and now, in addition to his other official diagnoses, he also has a mood disorder (not sure what that means) and “Officially” … Continue Reading