Seeing David

Each night that David is in care at the mental health unit, we go see him.

David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.
David, a moment of calm in a chaotic mind.

We are not greeted with any emotion.

He never cries when we leave.

He is content to live there and visit home.

When he comes home, knives will be locked up.

Chemicals will be locked up.

We are perusing closed circuit cameras for the main areas of our house.

When behaviors start, we will record them as much as we can.

We are literally turning parts of our home into a jail.

How sad is that?

But.. he is our son.  He will always be our son.  No amount of mental illness will take that part of him away from us, his family.

David, you will likely never read this… please know that we love you very much.




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