The Walmart experience

walmartSo today, I was at a Walmart.  Such an engaging customer experience all around.  Contrary to our visits to Walmart in the city closest to our home, I am not lying when I say we had a positive experience.  Took less than 10 minutes to get through check out.  The scooters weren’t all dead or dying.

Today, considering the longer drive home, I decided to make use of the facilities.

While I didn’t spend a ton of time looking, I did notice shoes under the wall of the first stall.  I assume there were feet in said shoes, which was later verified.


I heard a flush while I was busy facing the wall and trying not to whistle any show tunes… Hey, sometimes it takes a long time to go, might as well keep yourself entertained… Music people… get your head out of the toilet…

So any way.  I heard a toilet flush.   A zipper.  The snick of a lock. The creak of long unoiled hinges.

As I finished and turned from my lone perusal of the fine artwork on the wall above the urinal, I saw this guy in the blue vest with the yellow sunburst walk by.

Picking his nose.

He came out of the stall, passed by all of the sinks, the paper towel dispenser, the diaper station, and then turned the corner to leave; with said finger in his mouth.

Not once did I see this man stop to wash his hands…

I wonder if it tasted like chocolate or peanut butter?




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