David is conning them.

Bamboozler.David is coming home today.

Yesterday he shared that he was thinking about killing himself.

Today he denied telling me that.

Today he is coming home.

I expressed my frustration as kindly as I could to the social worker.

She claims to understand.  But does she?

Does she understand what it is to fear becoming a statistic in the news at the hands of a child?  Does she understand that we are afraid?  That we are concerned about the safety of not just mom and I, but the other kids in our home?

She made some recommendations.

We should call the Sheriff any time we don’t feel safe.

We should call Child Protective Services and see if they can help.  (this means giving up custody)

I promised David we would never give up.

She then said that we need to utilize the safe bed before we even consider bringing him back to the hospital.

I explained that safe bed is for behaviors, and that they won’t take him if he is homicidal or suicidal.

So she said that she talked to him about what it means to be in juvenile hall.  He seemed to think that this would be a good idea.

Please pray for us.  That you won’t hear about the family from Garrison ND in the news…

Here is a question…

Why would you discourage a family in mental health crisis situations from utilizing a mental health crisis facility?




4 Responses to David is conning them.

  1. This is what we are afraid of. One we dont have insurance and cant afford it!! David makes too much money to get financial help!! Two will they even keep him even if we say we are afraid of him? Im afraid to sleep!! He is so manipulative and changes his story will tell you just what you want to hear but you know that can change in an instant!! He can play the doctors and look and act perfect. All hospital will do is babysit him for couple of days say sorry nothing we can do and send him home!!  We are praying for you all!!! Pray for us too please!! Our David’s are so much alike!!!

  2. I can’t imagine how much you are screaming inside!  The ‘system’ is screwed up. Broken.  Not working.  Why is JAIL an option for a kid when clearly David has a long documented history of mental and behavioral health issues.  You have been working so hard to protect him and the rest of your kids.  No one wants their child in jail.  Maybe the answer is life-long mental health institute.  Better than jail or dead.  Seems to me that no one is in denial of his needs but it is all about money.  Bet if you are a millionaire or billionaire he’d be in a state-of-the-art place 24/7 for the rest of his life (if needed).  When on insurance (self paid or state assistance) they decided on sending someone home because the bills are too big.  I don’t have an answer for this.  Court? Lawyers?  David needs help now.  Not rehabilitation from jail.  It should be you visiting him in a mental health hospital, not visiting his tombstone.  I hope someone from the screwed up insurance and state reads this and realizes how much they are worried about a budget and not a child.

  3. debbzs I am not just screaming inside.  I am crying out for help from anyone and everyone that can.  I ask anyone who lives in North Dakota and is going through this, or has gone through this to contact me.  Together we can affect a change.

  4. DebbieHawsmanTomor what would happen if we got them together?  🙂  I am blessed to be able to share my friendship with your family.  Prayers going up for your family.