David is conning them.

Bamboozler.David is coming home today.

Yesterday he shared that he was thinking about killing himself.

Today he denied telling me that.

Today he is coming home.

I expressed my frustration as kindly as I could to the social worker.

She claims to understand.  But does she?

Does she understand what it is to fear becoming a statistic in the news at the hands of a child?  Does she understand that we are afraid?  That we are concerned about the safety of not just mom and I, but the other kids in our home?

She made some recommendations.

We should call the Sheriff any time we don’t feel safe.

We should call Child Protective Services and see if they can help.  (this means giving up custody)

I promised David we would never give up.

She then said that we need to utilize the safe bed before we even consider bringing him back to the hospital.

I explained that safe bed is for behaviors, and that they won’t take him if he is homicidal or suicidal.

So she said that she talked to him about what it means to be in juvenile hall.  He seemed to think that this would be a good idea.

Please pray for us.  That you won’t hear about the family from Garrison ND in the news…

Here is a question…

Why would you discourage a family in mental health crisis situations from utilizing a mental health crisis facility?


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