Frustrated with Doctors

mediumHis psychiatrist wrote up some fictional patient notes.  Not sure where I was when the things she wrote happened in our appointment happened.

They do this with impunity.  How can they, in good conscience, tell the parent and child one thing, then write something else in the notes?

It’s semantics I know, but here are some examples:

  1. David said he “could stab you if you want me to”
  2. David said “I have friends, I just can’t go play with them because I get into trouble.”
  3. David has no respite worker.

The things that the doctor wrote:

  1. “Dad told the patient that he has no friends because all of the parents in the community felt that David was a bad influence.”
  2. “Dad asked the patient if he wanted to be given to the state”
  3. “Dad indicated that even if David had activities, he wouldn’t have the energy to get him there.”
  4. “Father prompted him by saying “if I told the patient to cut my throat (the dads) he would.”

These are only a couple of examples.  the doctor also listed his school incorrectly, as well as a number of other things.

I talked with David about these things.  He is pretty upset, as he trusts the Doctor.

I asked David if he wanted to be given to the state, only after the good doctor mentioned us giving up custody, while he was in the room.

I am on disability, the activities that the doctor mentioned are all 50 miles from home.

David has no respite worker because he tried to kill the rabbits that the last respite worker had.

Three pages of inaccuracies and lies.  If we had to go to court to defend David or ourselves, this kind of garbage would be very damning.

According to the notes “might relinquish custody do to costs associated with treatment”

I am not worried about costs, I am worried about him getting the services that he needs.  Geez.

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