lack of funding in foster care and mental health programs

I make no secret that my family and I live in North Dakota.

In our state, we have a citizen legislature that meets every other year for less than 90 days.

In the last session, the House Appropriations Committee gutted program funding for the mentally ill.

Yet, agreed to spend five million dollars to build a new home for our state’s chief executive.

Funding was apparently cut for foster care programs as well as the mental health programs.  They even left town without deciding on retirement for our state’s employees, which includes themselves.  As a result they have to have a special day long session to take care of the retirement issue and only the retirement issue.

Where are our priorities?

Here my wife and I are being told to give up custody of our son to the state. Give up custody to a state that doesn’t fund the system properly that we are supposed to give our son to?  What kind of sense is that?



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