news of the day. June 11, 2015

brokenDavid is being really good today.  Following me like my shadow.

I appreciate that he is trying.  As I survey my garage, I am discovering just what all has been lost because of David’s actions.


Networking tools for installing data networks.


Screws by the box.

It isn’t much, and I am sure that I will find more things missing.  Some of it isn’t missing, but David in his disregard for the property of others, dumped things out on the floor.  Then we had a big rain that flooded the floor of the garage and ruined things.  All because he managed to get a key made to unlock the garage door.

In other news, I am working on a list of facilities for the Upper Great Plains and Rocky Mountain Region.  There are quite a few out there surprisingly.  Some except kids David’s age, others don’t.  Some except Medicaid, others don’t.  So will try to be thorough in listing them.  As soon as I get the list started, will post a link to it.

The other item that I am working on is a glossary of terms.  So that when I say PRTF, or RTC people know what I am talking about.

I haven’t had any response to my email to the House Appropriations Committee in the ND Legislature.  I wish they would at least say Boo…

The image that you see, is related to a book I received shortly after Christmas.  It is helping me greatly to keep my sanity, as well helping me to get past my anger at the system.  I still plan to take the system on and fight for what is right.  No one should ever have to give up their child to get them help.