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Locks locks and more locks

working on shoring up security of our stuff.  added new locks to the garage.  working on adding them to the main doors as well as the walk-in. Padlocks.  Getting expensive.  Every time he compromises a key, the locks are changed. Since he is an amateur locksmith, and a darn good one at that, it makes… Continue Reading

news of the day. June 11, 2015

David is being really good today.  Following me like my shadow. I appreciate that he is trying.  As I survey my garage, I am discovering just what all has been lost because of David’s actions. Weedeater. Networking tools for installing data networks. Gasoline Screws by the box. It isn’t much, and I am sure that… Continue Reading

Revised Letter to the Editor

the previous letter was deemed to lengthy. Here is a revised edition. -=================== The Schulte Report begins with the sentence “The North Dakota mental health and substance abuse system is in crisis. “ Our son has mental illness. Now, we are being told that it is common practice for parents to give up custody to… Continue Reading

Letter to the Editor

UPDATE This letter was deemed too lengthy by the editors so we trimmed it down.  You can read the revised letter here. ============================= I submitted the following to the editors of North Dakota’s four largest newspapers. ============================= Dear Editor The Schulte Report begins with the sentence “The North Dakota mental health and substance abuse system… Continue Reading

Long term care facility and child custody

Over and over again in the last two days, I have asked doctors for help.  For recommendations regarding getting care for our son, David. The number one recommendation that all of the doctor’s make is that we give up custody.  “If you give up custody to the state, he will get services almost immediately.” stated… Continue Reading

David is conning them.

David is coming home today. Yesterday he shared that he was thinking about killing himself. Today he denied telling me that. Today he is coming home. I expressed my frustration as kindly as I could to the social worker. She claims to understand.  But does she? Does she understand what it is to fear becoming… Continue Reading

Visited David tonight

Visited David today.  He changed his story about my weed eater 3 times. So now we have a possible location for it. He got mom so frustrated that she moved away from the table.  Everything is blamed on some one else. His forging of the check happened because we don’t give him an allowance.  Never… Continue Reading

What do you want to hear?

Well. Just got off the phone with a social worker from the hospital where David is. I had to explain what “the boys hide in their rooms to feel safe from David” means. David told staff that he tells me things like “if you like, I can stab you with a knife” because he thinks… Continue Reading