the next few days are going to be fun!

4062bfa0a115ca5452472219bd9e04d9Well, big sister stopped by with a friend for a couple of minutes.  They didn’t stay long, as David was in tantrum mode.

You see, mom got the bandages removed today, and we just can’t have someone else get more attention than he is getting.

So big sister and friend turned around and left.  I don’t blame them, if I had a chance to get away for a bit, I would do so.

What kicked off the tantrum?  I asked him to clean up his toys and junk in the living room.

Since other people’s stuff was in the area, he reverted to the stand by argument that “I am not supposed to touch stuff that doesn’t belong to me.”

In reality, he is correct, isn’t he?  But…

As I walked away he made some inane comments.  About what I have no idea, and it doesn’t really matter.

So since he knows he is moving to the facility on Sunday, he has declared that the next few days are going to be fun.

He is getting to the point now where he can’t keep track of which lie he told to whom.




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