What do you want to hear?


Just got off the phone with a social worker from the hospital where David is.

I had to explain what “the boys hide in their rooms to feel safe from David” means.

David told staff that he tells me things like “if you like, I can stab you with a knife” because he thinks that is what I want to hear.

Why would I “want” to hear something like that?

If he tells me things that he thinks I want to hear, wouldn’t it stand to reason that he would do the same thing in the mental health unit?

Don’t get me wrong, we have and have had some pretty incredible social workers helping with David’s care.  But once in a while… you have to wonder.

The social worker repeatedly informed me that they are an acute care facility and that we should make more use of the safe beds.  Trouble is, safe bed won’t accept him if he is voicing homicidal urges.

If he is confronted he can become aggressive.  In the past he has become aggressive.  First step is verbal, then comes clenching fists, then comes…  you get the idea.  So do I go around town warning people not to confront him?  How does that help David?  If anything, it makes it easier for him to do illegal things.  Because the rules in place are stupid, at least according to David.  He should be able to do what ever he wants when he wants to.

Then she asked me the all important question of the day.  “are you exploring the legal system to get him help?”

It is my belief that there needs to be a fundamental change in the way mental health is treated in our country. the justice system is not an appropriate place for treatment. we can build more prisons, but we can’t build more facilities for treatment of mental health issues. Why is that?





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