Denial, Denial, Denial – Placement just fell through


We were all set to take David to a new facility on Monday.

Today, that fell through.

Evidently, we haven’t tried hard enough.  We haven’t driven enough miles.  We haven’t tried this program or that.

The psychiatrist’s recommendation isn’t enough.  We didn’t try to give up custody to the state.

The language that the psychiatrist used in her last notes about our visit was that I was trying to provoke a response in my son.

  1. No prior outpatient treatment has been tried and/org symptoms do not support the need for the intensity of services.
  2. Inpatient treatment under the direction of a physician is not required.
  3. Documentation does not demonstrate that services can improve the recipients condition or prevent further regression.

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I didn’t comment and try to provoke a response.  The psychiatrist told me in front of David that we would need to give up custody to the state to get him care.  I then turned and asked David if he wanted us to give him to the state or anyone else.  David stated no.  But the record from the psychiatrist doesn’t show that.  The hospitalizations that we did last month had no consequence on their decision.  The reports from the inpatient psychiatrist had no affect.

The summer programs that are mentioned are all an hours drive each way from our home.  Who pays?  We can’t afford it.  He has a history of three previous PRTF admissions.  Shouldn’t the goal be to ensure that he is properly treated, rather than to keep moving him around and discharging him?

We have 10 days to request a desk review of the case. The bed may already be gone, since I haven’t heard anything more from the facility.  I can’t reach the psychiatrist or the nurse, and am rapidly becoming disenfranchised with the whole “system of care”.

I don’t know what we could do differently. I don’t know where else to turn for help.  Sure I can give him over to care of a place in Minnesota, but as kind-hearted as they are, is that the best place for either him, or the family who offered to take him in?

I know what David is like, I don’t wish him on any one.  Yet, I love him.  He is my son.

So now what do I do?

I had to cut a meeting short today to rush home because of his behaviors.

This system of care?  Sucks.  It isn’t working.  I have a voice, how must those families, who don’t have or know that they can have a voice, feel?

Please, Pray that my son and my family get the services and supports that we need.



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