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Update — Differing Denial Letters From Ascend Management Innovations

I have been in contact with a director from Ascend Management Innovations regarding the different denial letters we received regarding David’s care. Actually, I should qualify that.  They read my blog, and then contacted me through voicemail and a comment on the blog post directly. According to the director I spoke with, a very pleasant… Continue Reading

Differing letters of denial from Ascend Management Innovations

Readers may remember that on July 2nd 2014 we received denial of care in a residential facility by a company called Ascend Management Innovations. This past Saturday fully 8 days after the denial came we received our own version of the denial letter. Did you catch what I wrote there?  Our own version of the… Continue Reading

Mental Health Awareness

We need to continue to raise awareness regarding mental health.  Focus on mental health shouldn’t revolve around those with real or perceived mental illness committing violent crimes.  Instead, it should be brought to the American conscious much like AIDS or Cancer. Mental Health encompasses so much more than one illness.  It includes ADHD, schizophrenia, Autism,… Continue Reading

feeling pretty positive

Had our meeting to start ramping up therapies for David. It went well.  Always a bit of trepidation at the first meeting with a new team member, but I think that this will be a positive addition to David’s team. David was very well behaved this morning, frequently dodged topics that made him uncomfortable, but… Continue Reading

Missing medications

We hide things from David. On occasion, he finds them. He found a sibling’s medication and made the whole bottle disappear. Of course, he denies it. Just like he denies taking my Kindle, mom’s iPad, iPod, my cell phone, my tablet. Just like he denies everything he does until he is caught.  Then he says… Continue Reading

Can I, Can I, Can I, Can I, Can I.

David has been in full form all day. We have a pool in the yard, and the kids were talking about going swimming.  So David asked if he could go. I said “not just yet. I need to finish some things in the house first.” His response?  “You mean I can’t ever go swimming?” and… Continue Reading