Monthly Archives: July 2015

Held Hostage by the Mental Health “care” system

I feel like our son, and by extension, the whole family, is being held hostage by the mental health care system. Recently, he was accepted at a residential facility for treatment. It was approved by insurance and Medicaid. Then a company called Ascend Management got involved and denied coverage. If I try to discipline my… Continue Reading

A Sheriff call.

Called the Sheriff tonight. David a couple of weeks ago racked up charges on an iPad. Today a charge showed up from Apple, related to said iPad.  I looked to David. He took off. I called the Sheriff. Before I could get off the phone with dispatch I had two Deputies in my driveway.  David… Continue Reading

Denial, Denial, Denial – Placement just fell through

Well. We were all set to take David to a new facility on Monday. Today, that fell through. Evidently, we haven’t tried hard enough.  We haven’t driven enough miles.  We haven’t tried this program or that. The psychiatrist’s recommendation isn’t enough.  We didn’t try to give up custody to the state. The language that the… Continue Reading