so why is it…

that when I ask him about his time with his mentor/he doesn’t want to talk.

Yet as soon as I start trying to have a conversation with his mother he has to talk, sing, be disruptive, anything to get the focus on him.

I took a toy away from him as a consequence, before he went with his mentor.  When we got home from town, he stole them back.

Now he is upset with me.  Because I told him he had to ask for them back.  He couldn’t just take them.


I feel sarcasm coming on, and that isn’t what is needed right now.

Frustrated.  He won’t listen unless it is just the two of us.  Do I have to leave the rest of the family, so that it is just him and I before he will listen to either of us?

I won’t.  When it was just him and I, he was very good, other than when he was sleeping, then it was like go a round with Tyson.



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