A moment of weakness

National Disability Rights Network Annual Conference June 2015.
National Disability Rights Network Annual Conference June 2015.

I need to apologize to some people.  I had a moment of weakness last night in which I actually gave up fighting for David.

I apologize to David for doing so.  He deserves a lot of things, but he doesn’t deserve me giving up on him.

I apologize to myself.  For so long, I have been in a passionate robot like state trying to survive this life with him, and I have been doing myself a disservice in that regard.  Last night something in me just let go, and I guess every once in a while that needs to happen. It helps remind me that I am not the robot dad.  There is a part of me that forgot what I was fighting for.

So the struggle will continue.  Why?  Because every child deserves to be loved and to have someone fight for them.

I have an electroencephalogram this afternoon.  I won’t get the results until next week.  Kind of nervous about it.  But, Lord willing, everything will be okay.

Most of all, I apologize to my family.  Each of them deserves every ounce of fight that I can give them.  They are all worth it.



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