and so it starts – trying to manipulate the world around him.

Back on the roller coaster

We picked him up from safe bed at 3:30.  4 hours later, we have already had nearly two hours of behavior.

Because he had to eat supper before we could watch “friends”.

What could have been a 10 minute meal, turned into nearly 40 minutes of behavior.

All kinds of excuses regarding why he couldn’t eat.  Then 25 minutes of climbing around underneath the table instead of sitting in a chair.

So we set the food in the fridge so that he can eat it for snack at 8pm.

I compromised.  I also have a 30 minute recording of his behavior.

We had a long day before we picked him up.  Hopefully we don’t have a long night as well.

Rest easy my friends.  There is always hope that tomorrow will be a better day than today.  Yesterday is a memory.  We don’t need to forget the events of yesterday, but we can forgive them.  Forgiveness doesn’t erase consequences.

Why is this an issue?  Because as soon as we tell him he doesn’t get to eat supper because of his behaviors he will be telling anyone who will listen that we are starving him.



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