Interruptions – Interruptions – Interuptions

One of the more difficult non-violent behaviors that we deal with everyday is David’s incessant need to put himself into any Stop Interrupting Signconversation taking place.

If Mom and I are in the kitchen talking, he will be hiding around the corner listening in, because we “might be talking about David.”

If I say that I am going to run an errand, he wants to know if that means he is going to placement, or safe bed, or what have you, depending on his behavior.

Do you know how difficult it is to have any kind of adult conversation with a 14 year old boy, who has a mentality of someone less than half his age, in the area?  Any he gets paranoid.  No matter how often we tell him that what we are talking about has nothing to do with him, he remains convinced that it is all about him.  Through this, we can expect an increase in behaviors.

So the end result is that we don’t get to talk.  If we do talk it is via text message or email.

I honestly feel like we are living on the edge of a precipice and at any moment we are going to plummet off the edge.  If I ask what I should make for supper, he will take that the wrong way and behaviors will start.

Then there are times when he is sitting across the room from me and can’t hear a word I am saying.  Selective listening he calls it.

So frustrating.

It is difficult for a marriage and relationship to flourish when communication can not occur.