Round Two of the Battle for Services

home-page-slide-1We are repeatedly told that we need to do more.

So we are doing more.  We have added intensive in home therapy, individual therapy, and have ongoing mentor support (staff).  We also are visiting doctors and psychiatrists.

I spend my days either on the road to the cities, or at home chasing down this report or that report.  The reports are the WISC, BASC and what not.  It seems like it takes four or five calls to track down who has the report.  Then it takes four or five calls to get them to release the records.

Of course, everyone needs a release signed, though we sign them in the Spring of the year.  So I travel in the other direction in order to get those releases signed.

Last week, a call was made to the in state facility.  This generated a review of the decision to deny placement of David at the facility nearest our home.  This review happens on August 5th.

A piece of the review plan involves letters from the primary psychiatrist, psychologist and the therapist.  We were able to get letters from the last two professionals, but so far not the first.  It seems that the psychiatrist is holding out for more information from the facility we are trying to get him into.

David hasn’t been in the facility for 18 months.  So not sure what the psychiatrist is looking for.  They are demanding progress notes, therapy notes, behavior reports, test results, everything detailing David’s stay there.


In May of this year, when David was in the mental health unit at the hospital, his primary psychiatrist told us that he needed long term placement in a psychiatric residential treatment facility.  She said then that she would write a letter for us to help get him a placement.

So why now is the letter being held hostage for documentation that doesn’t directly impact placement options at the present time?

I appreciate that the psychiatrist is busy.  I also appreciate that sometimes things get lost in the traffic of running a practice.  This is of little consolation to my family, and David.

Is the psychiatrist upset with the facility for not responding to their repeated records requests?  Or is the psychiatrist upset with me because I document their foibles on my blog?

I have always said that if the people involved in David’s care complete their job as they are supposed to do in a professional manner, then I will praise them in writing.

I can see now why the psychiatrist recommended that we give up custody to get David the care that he needs.  To me it is still not an option worthy of consideration.

After we get acceptance or denial at a facility, we then have to go back to Ascend Management Innovations for approval.  In the meantime, our family is at risk.  Ultimately, this process, this travesty that is the mental health care system is just grossly inadequate.  It is tragic that this is what passes for care for those with mental illness.



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