being a parent

room-857925_1280I was reflecting on the past couple of years with David, and of course with my blog.

When did I become a leader?

I look to some of the communities that I participate in each day both via and via other web boards, and I see myself responding to questions, thoughts and ideas put forth by other parents.

Like it or not, people see you as a leader, is that a bad thing?


It is not a bad thing, in fact, it is positive thing.  So many times we find our leaders foisting their ideas and ideals upon us.  I tend to lead by example much of the time.  I don’t call bull as much as I likely should, but that isn’t a bad thing either.  Here is why.  People need to learn from their own life events.  Sure, by sharing our life, I can raise awareness, indeed I can show the world how things are done in our household, but remember one key thing here.

What works for me today likely won’t work for me tomorrow.  What works for me may not work for you.  And of course, those things that work for others may not work for us either.

Nothing wrong with that.  There is no “One size fits all” method to parenting.

Truly.  All that we can do, is be the best example of what we want to see in our children.  Fight for their needs and rights, while remembering not to trample on the needs of others.

You want to know the number one thing that I learned as a parent?  I don’t know it all.

The number two thing?  Teachers are parents too.  Not just talking about their own children here.  In a way, they are modeling appropriate behavior for your child that your child will pick up on.  In most cases that isn’t a bad thing.




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