Got a call this morning from CPS.  Child Protective Services received a report that I restrained David by pushing him to the pavement last Friday evening.  If I pushed him to the pavement, where are the bruises, scrapes and blood?  If I pushed him to the pavement, why did the deputy sheriff not say or do something?

This didn’t happen in quite the way it was reported.  Yes I restrained him.  But it wasn’t by pushing him to the pavement.  I restrained him on the steps going into the house because he was trying to hurt me.  This is the same child who was trying to hurt me in the ER waiting room and then had to be restrained.

David can’t keep his lies straight, and even just a read through of his notes from the current hospital stay, the charts indicate that he hasn’t been consistent in his lies to them either.

How do we keep a child in our lives who is so desperate to get put in a jail or other placement?  I want psychiatric care for David, but if we lose custody then we can’t help to ensure that he has the best care possible.

On the other hand, if we lose custody of him, then the state will be forced to place him.

I am at a loss as to what to do.

A few hours ago I received a call that they were discharging him.   The plan that was floated to David was to be placed with an Aunt in the city.  This is not an option because the Aunt doesn’t want him to stay at her house do to his behavior.

So I made arrangements to transport, I was going to take a couple of college kids with to pick him up and then transport him directly to safe bed.  Once all arrangements were in place, I called back to CPS to let them know the plan.  I then received a call from the hospital social worker that they didn’t feel the plan for transport was safe, so they were not going to discharge my son.

Shortly after that, I received a call from the CPS worker in which she indicated that she would talk to her division to see if they could do transport.  Long and short of it is that they can’t transport him without permission. Unless they first get custody of him.

So now David is telling anyone who will listen that he is going to his aunts house.  The hospital social worker has called to “get a straight story out of someone” regarding whether he is going to safe bed, and aunts home or back to our family home.

And he is staying in the hospital for another night.

My brain is tired.  I don’t know if I am coming or going.  All that I want at this point is for everyone to be safe.

I am at a loss as to what to do.

The plan at this point is to use the safe bed in the city if David is discharged from the hospital. The Good Lord willing, on Monday, David will be approved by Medicaid for placement in the psychiatric residential treatment facility.   Please, say a prayer for David.  That he finds peace within himself.



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