I have some difficulties.

I am so used to being up all night with him that even when he isn’t home, I can’t sleep.

Odd, it even happens if I am staying in hotels.  There, though, I invariably end up stripping the bed and sleeping on the couch in the room if there is one.

When David was in placement for two years, I still had difficulties with sleeping at night.

boy-828850_1280Sucks,  wasting perfectly good sleep time by being awake.  You know.  When I was in the U.S. Army, i could fall asleep as quick as I could shut my truck down.  A 15 minute snooze was like an hour or two of sleep.

Not so much any more, and maybe that is starting to affect my health in different ways.  Not sure.

Ah well.  Today is a good day.  Tonight I will get to visit David.  I miss him.  I just don’t miss the behavior.

Too bad he knows how to game the system to get released from the hospital.  He isn’t getting any help there when he is “good”.



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