House in emotional disarray

4062bfa0a115ca5452472219bd9e04d9Our house is taking an emotional hit today.

His lies.

When he was in the hospital last, he reportedly said that we were beating him.

Child Protective Services comes tomorrow to do followup.

The case worker stated “David reported that he was made to eat soap and his mom was mean to him.”

The issue at hand is simple.  Mom is a teacher.  David has zero clue what is at stake here with his lies and the resulting fall out.

All that we can do is let the social worker into our home, speak candidly and carry on.

The result of the investigation will show that we are doing everything we can to help him. His lies have already shown him to be what he is, and nothing that happens in the next 24 hours will change that.

But the emotional toll is still there.  This hit against our ability to parent our child is real.

I don’t understand how he can do the things that he does, and we have no recourse.  He can be emotionally and mentally abusive, and all that we can do is therapy.  We don’t retaliate, because honestly, we stopped spanking him a long time ago.  I could spank him with your hand and it would have no affect on his behavior.

The emotional toll is still there.  Please, a prayer for peace in our family.



2 Responses to House in emotional disarray

  1. I get you on the lies. My wild beauty I don’t think could breath without a lie coming out of her mouth. She blames me for everything…..she did a week’s worth of computer school work online and instead of reading it and taking tests, what does she do….bypasses the reading goes straight to test and makes 20% -40% on the tests. And when she got caught? it was all MY fault because I expect her to get A’s & B’s.  BTW we have never spoken about what grades I expect her to have.  But a 1 hr temper tantrum ensued when she got caught. And this isn’t the first time she has done it. She never learns consequences. EVER. She has been in counseling for 8 yrs and no change. NADA.  She really good about saying things to other people about how mean I am, most everyone knows me so they dont believe her but I know there is a day coming. She lies, steals, is aggressive to other children.  IQ at 62 last eval.  The one thing I can say is I know her, I know when she acting sneaky, I know HER. She does not think things out well and easly caught in lies.  Good luck tomorrow! I feel your pain, I know this child of mine will never bond, will never truly love me. I know.

  2. In our experience with CPS, speaking the truth calmly and refusing to get riled, takes some of the wind out of their sails. We had to under go a forensic parenting eval and the person giving the test told us CPS is so used to dealing with irate parents they haven’t a clue how to handle those of us who speak the truth and do not take the bait and get upset. Blessings!