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successes of the day September 8

This is a daily log of today’s successes. David was released from the hospital. He got a haircut without complaint. David and I had a fairly positive drive home. He took a shower without soaking down the bathroom. He ate supper without any complaint. After a few trials in the “chair at the center of… Continue Reading

wishes and dreams

I dream of a time when we don’t have to worry about him as much as we do.  Granted as a parent, part of us will always worry about our kids, but when you have a child like David, it is increased ten fold, a hundred fold. Today he came home from the mental health… Continue Reading

a report has been made by a mandatory reporter

Talked to the social worker from the mental health unit at the hospital this morning. No word on discharge. Evidently because of what David has told them, the insurance company and the social worker have made a report that we are beating our son. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth. The social worker knows… Continue Reading

The reality

The reality. Until David actually hits me with that shovel, there isn’t a whole lot that we can do for him.  For the family. I have to know that I can defend my family from him. A number of different psychiatrists at a number of different facilities, have stated that he needs long term care.… Continue Reading

Failure is an option.

Thinking back to the past couple of months with our son, there have been significant times when I have felt like a failure as a father. You know what? That is okay. Here is why. This, let’s call him our invention, is a human being.  A thinking, walking, talking embodiment of all that is wrong… Continue Reading

visited my son tonight

I went to see my son tonight. He wants to know when he can come home from the hospital.  Nothing about the other night.  When I asked him why he wants to come home, it was all about missing the trip to Bismarck with his mentor that he does once a week. Nothing about the… Continue Reading

Pictures in my mind

Recently a picture that was posted in my Dad Blogger group on facebook triggered a memory from when David was very little.  We didn’t know that he would eventually become our son.  I was holding David, he had fallen asleep.  Before I knew it, I was sleeping.  I woke when he fussed.  It is a… Continue Reading

Psych 24 hours later aka Insurance Dictates Length of Stay.

The on floor psychiatrist called me today.  Which is normal for them. She said “David is so full of information, I never know what to believe. so I thought I would call and confirm a few things.” The biggest thing is that David claims to have broken out a bunch of windows on a couple… Continue Reading

follow-up doctor today

I had a follow-up appointment with my neurologist to get the results of my EEG that I had last week. They have the battery of questions regarding mental health, one of the questions was “Do you feel safe in your own home?”. My response, after a hesitation that got me a raised eyebrow… “no.  No,… Continue Reading