Psych 24 hours later aka Insurance Dictates Length of Stay.

Bamboozler.The on floor psychiatrist called me today.  Which is normal for them.

She said “David is so full of information, I never know what to believe. so I thought I would call and confirm a few things.”

The biggest thing is that David claims to have broken out a bunch of windows on a couple of cars we own.  Didn’t happen.  David also claims that he has been very good until just this week.

Ah well, the world he lives in must be a rosy place.

So the doctor asked me about safety plans.  Wanted to know if we had something set up for when he is discharged.

So I explained about the pending bed, and upcoming court date.  She recommended that we get him placed in a detention center until the bed is actually available.  Because “while he is good here, we can’t know that he will be good at home.”

Why can’t they keep him in the hospital?  Insurance.  Blue Cross Blue Shield and ND Medicaid say so.  Though they haven’t yet said that he needs to be discharged.  We spent some time going over discharge notes and his regular psychiatrists documentation, all things point to him needing long term psychiatric care.  Not short term.

Sad when insurance companies can dictate the stay of a person with mental health issues in the hospital.

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