therapist left, guess I can abuse my family again

Every Tuesday is family therapy day in our home.

One of the things that we are being taught to do is ignore him and his behavior.

As soon as the therapist left today, he started abusing mom verbally. I was at the grocery store when this happened.

Evidently because we are instructed to ignore as many of his negative behaviors as possible, it is okay to abuse our family.

I don’t understand.

Don’t get me wrong, we are learning a lot of useful tips during family therapy, according to David we are supposed to ignore the verbal abuse. Because we are supposed to ignore parts of his behavior.  Evidently verbal abuse, at least according to David, should be ignored.

We are supposed ignore him when he pretends to be a cat and pays no attention to the goings on during family time.

Then when confronted about something he did or said, he runs down the street screaming he is going to the police station.  Yeah, we used soap.  No call to talk to anyone like he has been doing.  Contrary to what he would have people believe, we don’t beat him, we feed him everyday. We don’t smack him around, we don’t deny him showers.

This life we lead.

how do we get him to stop french kissing the dog?



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